TV Show about Cyprus' Birds and Biodiversity on CYBC 14/05/2014

Guests on the show were Martin Hellicar (BirdLife Cyprus), Nikos Kasinis (Game and Fauna Service), Agamemnon Loutsios (Birdwatcher) and Lefkios Sergides (Terra Cypria) (Greek only).

Unfortunately the show has been removed by CYBC, and is no longer accessible!


Interview on CyBC1 18/03/2013

Guests on the show were Constantinos Charalambous (Communications Officer), Vasiliki Anastasi (Natura 2000 Officer) and Melpo Apostolidou (LIFE Oroklini Project Coordinator). The discussion focused on the involvement of young people in environmental issues, and Constantinos, Vasiliki and Melpo explained their role in BirdLife Cyprus’ work (Greek only).

LIFE Oroklini Project (08/01/2013)

BirdLife Cyprus's LIFE Oroklini project coordinator Melpo Apostolidou talks about the Restoration and Management project at Oroklini Lake, on Astra programme 'Farma ton Zoon' (Greek only).

Nestbox-making workshop with Almyras Cultural & Environmental Centre


Photos from the workshop here.  From the Almyras blog (Greek only).

Illegal bird-trapping in Cyprus

A short a news piece on illegal bird trapping in Cape Pyla, by British Forces News, BFBS TV’s flagship programme. Broadcast On 7 August 2012 (English only).

The whole bird (2012)

Please listen to a radio programme on Ambelopoulia- illegally trapped birds sold as a delicacy in Cyprus- with an interview of BirdLife Cyprus employees on the issue. Hosted on Earth Beat by Radio Netherlands Worldwide. To hear the story please click here (English only).

The missing visitors of Cyprus (2011)

BirdLife Cyprus has created the following short film on the trapping situation in Cyprus which was presented at the Bern Convention Conference (6-8 July 2011) that took place in Cyprus. The 4-minute film titled the "The missing visitors of Cyprus" describes the extent of trapping in Cyprus and the key drivers for the trappers, the efforts from competent authorities to tackle this issue but more importantly highlights the lack of political will and the hypocrisy of a group of politicians who have been trying to make less strict the trapping legislation of Cyprus, at times when trapping is on a steep rise (English only).

'Poaching vs Activism', hosted on CyBC programme 'Apo Mera Se Mera'  (2010).

BirdLife Cyprus' Martin Hellicar presents our views on the issue at the start of the show (Greek only).