BirdLife Cyprus is a registered  non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to conserve wild birds, their habitats and wider biodiversity in Cyprus, through research, monitoring, lobbying and conservation and awareness-raising actions.

It was formed in 2003 through the merger of two Cyprus Ornithological Societies, and now has offices in Strakka, Nicosia.

It is the national Partner of BirdLife International, a global Partnership of nature conservation organisations working in more than 100 countries worldwide.

BirdLife Cyprus is currently the most active conservation organization in Cyprus, running campaigns against illegal bird trapping and poaching and for the designation and protection of Important Bird Areas as Special Protection Areas, as well as campaigns in the area of agriculture, education and awareness-raising. Furthermore, BirdLife Cyprus implements or takes part in a plethora of other programmes, such as a LIFE Oroklini project for the restoration and management of the Oroklini Lake, the ‘Gypas’ Project for the recovery of the extremely reduced Cypriot population of Griffon Vultures, carried out under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus (2007-2013) and the 'IBACareCY' Project for the development of a network of caretakers for our island's most important bird areas, funded by the EEA Grants. 

Here you can find a celebratory video for

BirdLife Cyprus' 10th Anniversary. Enjoy!