02.02.2017 €U Are What You Eat! It’s high time for a nature-friendly food & farming system!

01.02.201 World Wetlands Day 2017



16.11.2016 - First Cyprus screening of the award-winning documentary ‘The Messenger’

03.11.2016 - ‘153 birds’ – Drawing and Photography Exhibition

20.10.2016 - BirdLife Cyprus supports the acacia removal for the protection of Cyprus’ nature and avifauna

03.10.2016 - 5.8 Million of Migratory Birds Counted during EuroBirdwatch 2016

20.09.2016 - EuroBirdwatch 2016 - Observing Millions of Migratory Birds

21.07.2016 - Environmental organisations support acacia removal for the protection of Cyprus' nature and avifauna

23.06.2016 - Forests and natural habitats must be protected from urban sprawl

17.06.2016 - What next with the '153 birds'?

10.06.2016 - Dutch Presidency cancels high profile nature conference due to delays from Commission on Nature Directives "fitness check"

04.06.2016 - Do you enjoy creating art? Discover the world of birds through drawing

23.05.2016 - Nature protection asks for a vote of confidence from the new Parliament

19.05.2016 - 1 in 3 parliamentary candidates pledge to protect nature

09.05.2016 - BirdLife Cyprus Open Day - all welcome! 

05.05.2016 - BirdLife Cyprus launches #WeNatureCy campaign ahead of parliamentary elections 

18.04.2016 - Successful BirdLife Cyprus event '153 birds' which marked the launch of drawing competition

14.04.2016 - EU nature laws need implementation, not overhaul: NGO report

07.04.2016 - 153 birds! A day dedicated to birds

15.03.2016 - Latest illegal bird trapping report highlights urgency for removal of 'alternative plan' and the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan

29.02.2016 - SOS: Griffon Vultures in Cyprus dying one by one

25.02.2016 - Spring Alive for Swallows this spring!

03.02.2016 - European Parliament votes for Nature

21.01.2016 - EU Court rules on Bulgaria: Government has failed nature

19.01.2016 - ENGOs Common Press Release on Akamas Developments (Greek only)

18.01.2016 - Do not disturb the Flamingos

13.01.2016 - BirdLife Cyprus condemns the decision by the Ministerial Council on the Akamas issue

07.01.2016 - Akamas S.O.S. (Greek only)



17.12.2015 - ENGOs answer to the Statement of the Ministry of Interior regarding illegal bird trapping (Greek only)

11.12.2015 - Stone Curlew found shot in the area of the old Nicosia airport

07.12.2015 - Swifts in Aradippou and Voroklini to get a helping hand

27.11.2015 - The Messengers: what birds tell us about the threats from climate change

21.11.2015 - Nature Summit shows consensus on NGOs position: Birds and Habitats Directives are fit for purpose

20.11.2015 - Nature Summit: hundreds gather in Brussels to decide on future of nature laws

13.11.2015 - The verdict is in: Europe's nature laws are fit for purpose

09.11.2015 - Restoring an important wetland in the Cyprus SBAs

07.10.2015 - EU admits failing own targets on protecting nature

06.10.2015 - EuroBirdwatch - The results

29.09.2015 - EuroBirdwatch - Fascinating Bird Migration

14.09.2015 - Clear no by European Commission to selective blackcap hunting

09.09.2015 - Conservationists launch appeal on Vulture Awareness day: "Ban killer drug or Europe's birds face extinction"

21.08.2015 - New scientific report reveals: "25 million birds illegally slaughtered in the Mediterranean every year"

17.08.2015 - Scientists prove European bird protection law saves threatened species

24.07.2015 - Record breaking number of EU citizens call to protect nature

25.06.2015 - NatureWatch App - Watch nature, share moments, conserve sites

04.06.2015 - 1 in 5 birds in the EU still at the risk of extinction shows the European Red List of Birds

15.05.2015 - Environmental organisations condemn the “alternative plan” introduced in the Strategic Plan to tackle illegal trapping of birds and its approval by the Council of Ministers on 13 May 2015

12.05.2015 - Nature alert: environmental groups rally as European Commission threatens vital nature laws

22.04.2015 - The 34 Wonders of the World» in a photography exhibition

18.03.2015 - The international birdwatching race Champions of the Flyway supports BirdLife Cyprus in its awareness raising campaign against illegal trapping

06.03.2015 - Latest illegal bird trapping report highlights dramatic situation and underlines the urgency of the Strategic Action Plan adoption

20.02.2015 - LIFE Oroklini: A pioneering project reaches its completion

09.02.2015 - We want you to Spring Alive for Birds this year

02.02.2015 - Water and birds in abundance for World Wetlands Day 



18.11.14 - More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International

20.10.14 - President-elect Juncker ignores demands of European Parliament and citizens on environment

13.10.14 - Presentation of BirdLife Cyprus’ new publication ‘Important Bird Areas of Cyprus’

30.09.14 - Environment Commissioner-designate Vella fails hearing

27.09.14 - Changes needed in new proposed EU Commission to avoid serious downgrading of environmental protection

18.09.14 - The drying of Oroklini Lake is normal after the summer season 

11.09.14 - BirdLife Cyprus welcomes operation against illegal bird trapping by the Sovereign Base Area Police

05.08.14 - First screening in Cyprus of the documentary “Emptying the Skies”

24.07.14 - One tenth of bird species flying under the conservation radar

11.06.14 - Scientists confirm new ‘green’ EU Policy on Agriculture is bad for nature

21.05.14 - Illegal bird trapping tops the agenda as environmentalists from Europe, Middle East and Africa meet in Nicosia to discuss threats to migratory birds 

20..05.14 - Illegal bird trapping in Cyprus: Myths and facts

14.05.14 - Recent court decisions vindicate anti-trapping organisations

07.03.14 - BirdLife Cyprus welcomes Court decision vindicating anti‐trapping activists 

08.02.14 - Poaching and illegal trapping is out of control this year

06.02.14 - The 8th Spring Alive Season is Finished and the Ninth is about to begin!

31.01.14 - The Project 'GYPAS' comes to an end


19.12.13 - Rare Little bustard shot dead in the Buffer zone

13.11.13 - 10 more vultures to be delivered to Cyprus

31.10.13 - Mediterranean IBA tourism app goes interactive

17.10.13 - BirdLife Cyprus welcomes actions against 'big' trappers by Cyprus authorities

05.07.13 - Agia Thekla Liopetri - A protected site in jeopardy 

30.04.13 - BirdLife Cyprus and Friends of the Earth Cyprus call for the adoption of ‘zero tolerance’ towards illegal bird trapping

18.04.13 - Maintaining biofuels policy costs 10 billion euros according to a new study (In Greek only, but includes links to study and briefing in English)

29.03.13 - CAP greening faces the 'chop'

21.03.13 - BirdLife pushes for a strategic action plan on illegal bird trapping

05.03.13 - International Vulture Conservation Conference in Cyprus (Greek only)

01.03.13 - 276 NGOs across Europe issue plea to MEPs to save CAP greening (accompanying letter found here)

13.02.13 - EU budget deal pulverizes green hopes

13.02.13 - Presidential candidates' positions on environment (Greek only)

30.01.13 - Another step taken to protect the Griffon Vulture in Cyprus (Greek only)

25.01.13 - EP Agriculture committee votes to take the CAP backwards



21.12.2012 - BirdLife Cyprus launches high impact anti-trapping publicity campaign as autumn trapping levels hit new high record

19.12.2012 - The Cyprus Presidency disappoints: It concludes its work on CAP by digging a grave for greening

06.12.2012 - Second batch of vultures arrives in Cyprus from Crete (in Greek only)

30.10.2012 - Rare osprey shot dead by Akhna dam poachers

23.10.2012 - Saving the planet’s biodiversity would not cost the earth, new study shows

18.10.2012 - The European Commission falls prey of the industry (ILUC)

05.10.2012 - EuroBirdwatch 2012 - Fascination by Migration!

02.10.2012 - European governments heading for ‘repeat’ biodiversity disaster – Cyprus has a long way to go to ensure protection of biodiversity

07.09.2012 - BirdLife Cyprus has a simple message for consumers:‘Ambelopoulia: Just say NO’

05.09.2012- A campaign for the reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

10.08.2012 - Policy for Isolated Housing (in Greek only)

13.07.2012 - 300 million farmland birds lost in the EU since 1980

05.07.2012 - Dangerous 'relaxations' to hunting law (in Greek only)

03.07.2012 - Dangerous 'relaxations' to hunting law  (in Greek only)

29.06.2012 - Cyprus Ambelopoulia – just say “NO” 

27.06.2012 - Spring trapping levels bring cautious optimism ahead of Cyprus EU Presidency 

22.06.2012 - The first Griffon Vultures from Crete arriving in Cyprus (in Greek only)

21.05.2012 - An open day for the LIFE project and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LIFE program 

08.05.2012 - Ringing CYTA’s feathered visitors! (in Greek only)

30.04.2012 - Leaked council paper suggests attempt to kill the greening of the CAP 

12.04.2012 - BC congratulates Game Fund 

05.04.2012 - Cyprus Scops Owl Trapped in Nets 

 23.03.2012 - Bird trapping levels for year 2011 signal red alert 

15.03.2012 -  European Court condemns Cyprus for failure to protect Cyprus Grass snake and Paralimni Lake 

10.03.2012 - The world’s seabirds in danger, with Albatrosses most threatened 

16.02.2012 - A LIFE+ project for the restoration and protection of Oroklini lake 

03.02.2012 - Together we record the arrival of spring!

02.02.2012 - World Wetlands Day 

01.02.2012 - Cyprus Interior Minister presented with 16,677 signatures from 150 countries calling for more action against illegal bird trapping