Hunting in Cyprus is a legal activity which is allowed by the relevant legislation which regulates hunting, i.e. the EU Birds Directive (2009/147/EC) and the Cyprus legislation transposing it (152(Ι)/2003). In Cyprus, hunting is particularly widespread and the number of hunters is very high and as a result birdwatchers regularly come in contact with hunters in the countryside, which is disheartening for those who love birds.

However, BirdLife Cyprus and BirdLife International are not opposed to hunting provided it is carried out in a legal way and that it is sustainable, meaning it ensures there are no long-term problems regarding the conservation and maintenance of healthy populations of species, including game species. What we are certainly opposed to is poaching and illegal bird trapping and BirdLife Cyprus is always putting pressure for greater enforcement on the ground.

Spring hunting is prohibited by the EU Birds Directive (2009/147/EC) and the Cyprus legislation (152(Ι)/2003), as it poses a threat to the migration of birds to their breeding grounds. Generally, hunting of migratory birds is from mid-August until mid-October and hunting of resident game species from November until December, while hunting of Song Thrushes is permitted until end of February. Usually hunting is allowed on Sunday and Wednesday, but there are some areas where it is permitted daily for a longer period of time, usually coastal areas. Hunting is prohibited in certain areas, which can be either permanent or temporary game reserves.

For general information on the hunting seasons, the game species in Cyprus and hunting maps please click here.

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